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Ep.133 - Do you voice & show your affection enough?

How affectionate are you with the person you're dating or the person you're married to? Even if the other person knows how you feel, it is always good to hear how you feel.

Ep.132 - Can I wrap to ya for a quick second?

This episode is a little different from my normal type of episode. I just wanted to wrap with you for a few minutes and get something off my chest! I’m just asking a simple question, don’t mind me.

Ep.131 - Why do you date?

What is the real reason why a people date? Sex, a free dinner, companionship, reproduction, pressure from family? How do you find someone who is dating for the same reason?

Ep.130 - What should you do, if your X continues to show up unannounced?

What should you do if your X continues to show up unannounced, even after they know it's not appropriate? This is a problem that you should rectify, before the situation escalates.

Ep.129 - When is the right age, to have children?

There are benefits of having kids early, but the shortcomings might make a person wait until they're older. There are benefits of waiting to have kids later, but you might end up wishing you had them earlier. Damn if you do, damn if you don't.

Ep.128 - Can a relationship ever be the same after infidelity?

Can your relationship or marriage ever be the same after infidelity? Will you be able to forgive and forget? Or is it just too much to ask for?

Ep.127 - How is COVID -19 affecting your life?

The virus that was supposed to just disappear, is wreaking havoc on the world. How has it changed your life? Will society ever be the same again?

Ep.126 - Are humans really capable of monogamy?

Of course, the politically correct answer would be yes.  However, is that the actual honest answer? Maybe it is yes, “but” if the monogamy is never truly tested. Ask yourself, if any person is put in the right scenario, how could they really...

Ep.125 - If a man is over 40, no kids, never married, is that a red flag?

If women see a man who is over 40, no kids, and never married, it doesn’t mean there is anything necessarily wrong with him. Every man’s story is different, some good, some not so good. The onus falls to the woman to communicate and find out the...

Ep.124 - Is your family prepared for death?

Many families are caught off guard in the event of a family member dying unexpectedly. The subject and preparation of death is something every family should do, no matter how dark the subject is. To do so, could make a bad time far better when it comes.

Ep.123 - Should wedding vows include avoiding entanglements?

It would seem unnecessary to promise not to commit adultery on your wife or husband . Society has become so weak, by accepting open marriages, almost to the point where there is no perceived wrong in either party participating in this type of...

Ep.122 - When a person is one way before you met, should you expect them to change?

If you don't like a person the way they are, then move on! Don't expect them to change into something else, just because you desire it.

Ep.121 - What you should do after being ghosted.

All of a sudden, you have been ghosted! What do you do? Do you need closure? Do you need to know why? Or should you just move on?

Ep.120 - Pay attention to the red flags when seeking a spouse, that person may not be on the same page as you.

How many times do we ignore the red flags from the other person, of them telling either directly, or indirectly that they do not want what we want?

Ep.119 - Why do we put our parents in old folks homes, when they need us the most?

What kind of society have we become, where we abandon our mothers and fathers in nursing homes, to be in the care of strangers?

Ep.118 - Why are so many women having babies with men, who have no intention of marrying them?

So many women are choosing to be single mothers by having babies from men who have no desire to ever get married. Why are so many women choosing to make their lives harder by allowing themselves to be impregnated by losers? What are the reasons why...

Ep.117 - When looking for a relationship, what is most important, the person or their assets?

Has society grown so shallow, that people only look at the physical assets of a person, to determine if they could be in a relationship or marriage with that person?

Ep.116 - Could your picky preferences cause you to be alone in your golden years?

So many middle-aged women and men are walking around through life alone, and having no one to grow old with. Why is this happening so much in our society? Whose fault is it? Is it just the way the world is, or are our preferences too high?

Ep.115 - Are children getting a good education in our schools?

Compared to other countries, kids in the US are falling short when it comes to education. What are the reasons for this? Teachers? Politicians? Parents? Or all of the above?

Ep.114 - How do you know you're addicted to SEX?

Sexual intercourse is a wonderful thing. However, like anything else, too much of something can be a bad thing. So bad, that it could affect one's life in the same negative manner as alcohol or drugs. Join me in a conversation with recovering sex...

Ep.113 - Is it wise for friends to have sexual relations?

Before entering a sexual relationship with a true friend, one has to ask, is it really worth risking a good friendship, just to have sex?

Ep.112 - Is spanking your kids ok?

Kids these days don't respect anyone! Because of silly-ass psychiatrists and psychologists feeding a lot of bull to lawmakers and parents, kids are not being disciplined as they should. As a result, little spoiled brats, are growing up to be big...

Ep.111 - Coronavirus Pandemic

This is a world event that is affecting us all. This is a virus that doesn't give a damn what race, creed, class, or political affiliation you're apart of. Only together can we beat this, and beat this, we will!

Ep.110 - How do you know therapy is needed after a toxic relationship?

Many people in society are walking around fuc*ed up in the head because they never received the mental help they needed after a bad relationship. How do you know when it is needed? Join me in a conversation with author, podcast host & dating coach,...