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Rosevelt: [01:09] And greetings, greetings, greetings, greetings, and greetings. Welcome to another segment of THE X & Y SHOW. I'm your host, Rosevelt, and I'm in a real good mood this week. I'm always in a good mood, but I’m in a really especially good mood this week. I have some good news for you all—as well as me. THE X & Y SHOW is now part of the iHeartRadio family. I am now on iHeartRadio. I must tell you, I'm very proud of myself. When I've seen the news, my dick got hard. Everything about it was exciting to me. It's a new era of THE X & Y SHOW. I'm very proud of myself as you can tell. A lot of hard work that I've done and this is just the beginning. This is just the beginning. iHeartRadio has finally seen that I deserve to be on their network. They should have been had me on now. What took them so damn long? Anyway, better late than never. So yes, THE X & Y SHOW's now on the iHeartRadio network so newer and better things are still coming for THE X & Y SHOW so look out. I am coming. Literally.




[02:34] Oh my goodness. Okay. Let's jump into tonight's episode. I want to talk about this because I think it's something that is definitely affecting a lot of people in America. Some in a positive way, some in a negative way. Women in a positive way because they're basically getting all the benefits, men in a negative way because they're paying a lot of money and basically not getting shit for return.




[03:05] Without further ado, let's jump into tonight's episode. Tonight's episode: why dating sites only benefit women. That's right. Why dating sites only benefit women. It's not rocket science; the statement is pretty self-explanatory. Dating sites/dating apps only benefit women because it gives women the power. Women already have a lot of power, but it gives them even more power because it basically gives them the opportunity to pick and choose who they will like to fuck with. When I say fuck with, I'm talking about basically women— You know, a lot of women on those sites... Guys, trust me when I'm telling you this. A lot of women on those sites, they don't intend on getting married. They don't intend on dating anyone. They just intend on getting in your pocket. They intend on taking their greedy asses out to a restaurant and you paying for it. Basically, that's it. And don't get me wrong; there's always exceptions to the rule. Some women on there, they're actually looking for a husband. It's probably 10%, that are those actually looking for someone to spend the rest of their life with. The rest of them are just fucking around. It doesn't matter what age group you going to, they're all fucking around. Twenties, thirties, forties, sixties—it doesn't matter.




[04:49] I’ve talked to many women on those sites. It doesn't matter which one—the one you swipe right, the one you swipe left, the ones that make you take all these damn tests and exams and shit and get the best quality mate for you, yet you're living in fucking Atlanta and they're in Utah. How perfect can that be? A lot of those sites— Well, I'm going to go ahead and say it. Most of them— Well no, let me be accurate. All of them are bullshit. I'm not trying to pick on one or the other and more than another— They're all equally bullshit. The way that they get a lot of men… See, it's basically a way for the sites and the apps and whatever you call it to make their money as well because the more stupid ass men that they get to sign up, then the more that they are able to charge advertisers money to advertise on their site. The more people they have, they’d say, “Well, I have fifteen million people on my site, so I can charge you this for advertising fee, blah blah blah.” And out of those fifteen million people, probably about fourteen point nine million of them are men.




[06:28] Those sites are not there to help you. They don't give a fuck about you. I'm talking about the men. They don't give a fuck about you. They just want you for a number so they can make their money with their advertisers. That's it. That's it. The more damn suckers that they get on their site, signing up, trying to get them some pussy— You know, a lot of men on there— Some men on there want to find a wife and settle down and blah blah blah, but a lot of those men on there are just trying to get some pussy and the women know that, and the site know that. So the site say, "Okay, we're going to give you the form, we're going to give you the access to try to get you some pussy, but you going to pay for it. You're going to pay this fee—$30 a month or $29 a month or $69 a month or a dollar every damn email you send,” whatever the case. They all have their own fucked up shit to upgrade your subscription but it's all about, if you want to play, you have to pay basically.




[07:37] Now, most of them, if not all of them, the women are free. The women don’t have to pay the shit. That's why most of them on there are fucking around. They don't have to pay for shit. The site understands that the more women they get, then men will come, even though a lot of those sites have fake profiles, just fake women, women on there fucking around, they still get men who are desperate enough or lonely enough. I think if men get lonely enough and really want to get some pussy, they'll try anything. It's not like it's illegal. They're not going to get in trouble for going on a site or app and swiping left or right or sending someone a direct message, email, or some shit. They're not going to get arrested for it but it's like they're paying for something that they’re not getting. Hell, you might as well go to a damn strip club; at least you're seeing some ass. At least you getting some for your money. You pay $30, shit, I know some places you can get two or three tabletops but $30… You pay $30 a month, you ought to be able to get something but you don't get nothing. All men get from those dating sites are broke because they're taking all of these women out. Basically the women at the end of the night— I'm not saying that they should do a one-night stand. I'm not saying that. But women are not even interested in getting to know you. It's like, "Just take me out to dinner. Okay. Thank you. Get the fuck out of here." That's basically what it is. That's all it is, and I don't care what women say. If they try to say something different, then they're full of shit.




[09:40] Let me tell you something. If you take each and every woman on one of those sites, Plenty of Fish, Match—that's another one—Christian Singles, Cupid, eharmony, Tinder… What’s that other one with the country people... farmer.com. “You don't have to be lonely on farmersonly.com—” Some shit like— You know what I'm talking about. If you take each and every woman with a profile on one of those sites, I guarantee you— I've seen this for myself. I know women that are on those sites that do this. All of those women— Let's say the week is coming. They go on there and they getting— Now, you got to figure. Each woman, if she looks halfway decent, she's getting probably goddamn twenty to twenty-five, thirty emails a day, so over four days, she got over a hundred emails in her box. There's no way that woman is going to actually be able to date each and every one of those men, so what do they do? They just go out and have fun on your ass. When they ask you to go out on Monday, that means that they're taking Biff out Tuesday—or Biff is taking them out Tuesday. And then Wednesday is Chuck, Thursday is Harry, Friday's Tommy. They picked their different dates. Monday is Italian food, Tuesdays is steak, Wednesday’s Chinese food, Thursday's Asian food, whatever. They pick their dates on what they want to do. They do all this shit and they're not spending any money. They're spending your money. What are you getting out of it? Maybe a peck at the end of the night or a hug or a handshake. You not see them again. You're calling them but they don't have time for you.




[12:00] A lot of women, it's not that they're mean. I'm giving women have benefit of the doubt because they're also mean motherfuckers out there. Women, I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt. It's not that they're mean. They just don't have time. They don't have time to come back to you.




[12:17] You had your time. You had their time slot. You had your appointment. Now they have to move on. They have to move on to somebody else. Like I told you, they're getting twenty-five to thirty emails a day. They don't have time for you. They get you one time, one shot, take them out, and they spend some of your money, and that's it. You had your opportunity. Have a nice life.




[12:43] It's not that they're being mean. They just don't have any more time to allocate to your ass. That's all. You got guys calling them and "I thought we had a great time. Give me a call." "I thought we connected." Really? Let me tell you something. All of those sites are selling an empty promise but they couldn't do it if it wasn't for men. It couldn't do it if it wasn't for the lonely man that actually sign up for that bullshit and upgrade their profiles trying or hoping to meet this wonderful princess somewhere online. Guys, stop doing that shit. Stop doing that shit. Stop allowing these sites to use you because that's all they're doing. They're using you. They're making money off of advertisers. You got this many people coming on our site, most of them are men so they're making a buttload of money off your ass. They're allowing the women to use you, you taking them out, spending all your damn money. It don't have nothing to show for. That's why I'm not going to play like I'm all high and mighty.




[14:21] I actually tried one of them before. I think it was a Plenty of Fish. It was Plenty of Fish, Match or Cupid, one of them. I don't know. It was one of them. This is like a long time ago though. This was fifteen years ago, something like that. I took one of the ladies out that I met online and stuff, but you know me, for those of you that have been listening to the show, if you're going out with me, you're not going anywhere fancy. I'm not going to take you to Ruth's Chris on a fucking first date. I'm not going to take you to some fancy Italian restaurant where fucking peas cost $40. No. I'm not taking you there on a first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, twentieth, twenty-first, twenty-second, fortieth. I'm not taking you there on a no fucking date. With me, we're going out depending on what night it is. We're going out for some beer and some wings or some beers and some nachos depending on what night it is. If I don't get another appointment, "appointment" with you, fuck it. I don't care. Oh you got with me was some nachos and wings. One of the two. Didn't know what night it was.




[15:43] It's not that I'm cheap but I'm careful. I don't like falling for the okey doke. Now, a lot of women are saying, "Well, fuck it. It doesn't matter. No wonder they won't call you back. You eat cheap, you take him out for not choosing chicken wings." What I have to say to that is women, what have you done to justify me taking you out, spending $200 on a fucking date? What have you done? Why are you so important? Why do you feel that you're so important? You got to stop listening to that Steve Harvey bullshit. Why do you think you're so important that it would justify me taking out, spending a lot of money on the first fucking date? Or ten dates? You haven't done anything for me. You don't mean shit to me. You're just a woman right now. I don't even hardly know you. You're not giving me no pussy. You're not washing my car, you're not cleaning my house. You're not doing shit. All you are is a woman. I'm not saying that it's wrong to pay for a date but why do I have to go out to some fancy restaurant and I don't even know you?




[17:03] A lot of women are going to say "Well, you had to give a good impression." Impression these nuts. I'm going to tell you something. Fellas, listen to me. If a lady is digging you, it doesn't matter if you take her of the Mcdonald's, it doesn't matter if you take her to Sizzles or I don't think there's no more Sizzles around, but it doesn't matter if you take care of to Outback, it doesn't matter if you take care to Applebee's, it doesn't matter. If that lady is digging you, it doesn't matter where you take her. You'll get a second appointment and a third, fourth, fifth. You don't have to take her out to these special restaurants spending all your damn money for nothing.




[17:49] I'm going to tell you something. If a woman is not digging you, it doesn't matter if you do take her Ruth's Chris or some fancy (unclear 17:56) restaurant. It doesn't matter. If she's not digging you, you're not going to get a second appointment so it doesn't matter. Stop trying to be something that you're not. Look, they know what they're getting with me. With you, you're trying to perpetrate and trying to, "Oh, I'm going to take you to Ruth's Chris tonight." They'll respect the shit from here on out. Then you try to take them to Applebee's and they looking at you like you're a damn fool. Guys, get smart. Stop allowing these dating sites, dating apps, to use you. You stop allowing these women to use you. You're a damn sucker. I saw your in the dating sites/apps and the women are laughing at you because you're a damn fool. And they should laugh at you because you continue to do the same shit over and over and over again. "Oh, well. "I didn't meet anyone on match so I'm going to try Plenty of Fish this time." "Oh I didn't meet anyone on eharmony so I'm going to try Cupid." It's the same shit. Same shit, different damn room. It's the same shit.




[19:14] Matter of fact, a lot of those women are on multiple sites just to get multiple dates. Guys, fellas, let me tell you something. Do you know a lot of those women date every fucking day? They're doing something. They might not go out to dinner. They might go out to coffee one day, they might go out to drinks one day, they might go to a fucking concert. They live it off your ass. It's really a shame that men allow this to happen. To be quite honest with you, it doesn't matter what I say because you don't have to steal some silly ass dude, run out there, and go and sign up for these sites and still allow these sites and women to use them. And they deserve what they get. An empty wallet and nothing in return. Even when I was a part of these dating/apps and shit, and I took a young lady out, she didn't get me. All she got was I bleed at night. If I'm not mistaken, then goes Monday so she got Nachos. She got Nachos. We got extra chili though but I'm not spending all my damn money. For what? What have you done to justify that? “If you want to go to Ruth's Chris, you want to go Dutch?” "Oh, no. I don't think a woman should pay."




[20:54] Yeah, that's what I thought. So enjoy this nachos and sit your ass down. It's amazing. A lot of these women, they know that they have no ticket on being in a relationship or marriage and none of that shit. They know they're playing around yet they want the ultimate treatment in return. They want the best. They want you to take them to those Ruth's Chris and those (unclear 21:20) restaurants that cost all this damn money. They want to be treated like a queen, but they don't have queen intentions. They don't have queen intentions. But you know, I'm not blaming those women. I'm not blaming them. I'm really not blaming those women. A woman that can use you and you allow them to use you, then you deserve to be used. I felt like you're bringing this shit on yourself. Stop allowing yourself to be exploited by these dating apps/site. Do it the old fashioned way. Take your ass out to the bar, if that's your thing, you see a nice young lady or old lady, whatever how old you are and you think she's attractive, you want to talk to her, take your ass over there and say hello and introduce yourself and go from there.




[22:14] That's the problem. A lot of you guys out there are cowards or you're shy and you hide behind your computers and you feel more secure doing it over in line than you do the old fashioned way. That's why you're been taken for all this damn money. You need to stop and go back to that. Do it the old fashioned way. Get out and meet women, introduce yourself, talk to them.




[22:42] If they're not digging, you move on. But guess what? When you do it that way, guess how much money you spend? Zero. Zero. You haven't paid any dating app or dating site, any damn subscription fee. You haven't going out on any expensive date at some fantasy steakhouse.We haven't done anything but say hello. If she's not digging you, you move on. You haven't paid anything. It's free to open your damn mouth. That's what you should do, fellows.




[23:20] Go out to a bar, go to church, go to a grocery store, go to a park, go to a mall, go to some unaware parties, if they let you in, I've been to a few. Wonderful places to meet a woman. You probably have to go there, though, when they've been drinking little bit. My point is go out and meet women. Stop hiding behind computers. Stop by hiding in the cyber world, scared to talk to women. When you're doing it in that manner, you allow yourself to be exploited by these websites and buy these web apps on your phone and shit. And then ultimately you're allowing yourself to be exploited by the women.




[24:21] It's almost like the websites/apps are pimps and they're pimping you for the women that you meet ultimately because you're not fucking them but you're paying for their time. So they're like escorts, kind of strange kind of way. But basically, if you want to use the services of those apps slash sites and stuff, if you want to use those services, you have to pay. You're not going to be on that for free. Now, some might give you a free trial. It might give you a free email or three feet, free emails or ten free responses or some shit like that on a weekend or something.




[25:07] But they're not going to give you a free subscription forever like they do it for the women. Oh, yeah. They give the women free. Women don't have to pay with shit because they know the more women they have, the more suckers, AKA men that they will get. Men are allowing themselves to be exploited by these websites and apps and dating apps and all this shit and then ultimately, going out and getting bent over again by these women. Greedy as women at that. A lot of women can fucking eat and they'll take your ass to the damn Porter House.




[25:47] Imagine if you're going out every night and a lot of guys, "We don't go out on a date but I spent like $30 or..." Okay. You spend $30 on a date. When I say you go out, let's say you go out three times a week. That's $90 a week on dating, times four, in a month, you do that, you do $90 a week times four weeks, that's $360 for dating. For dating. That's a lot of fucking money and a lot of you spend a lot more than that. Shit. If you go to these fancy restaurant, you get the three hundred in the first week. Damn, man. Because if you have my philosophy, it'd take you eight months (inaudible 26:40). Well, that's another story. All I'm saying is all of these dating sites, and I don't want to put one worst than the other.




[26:51] I don't want to put one to say "This one is a good one, it's better, blah blah blah." I think all of the dating sites and all of the dating apps are bullshit. I think they're all bullshit when it comes to men. Now for women, it's a gold mine. Shit, if I was a woman, I'd do it, too. All you have to do is join. If you look halfway decent, oh shit. You'll never have to pay for a date again. Everything is free. Everything is free. If you don't get one sucker, here come another one. That's not even talking about the women who are very attractive. They're probably getting probably fifty, sixty emails a day, so they have all these men to choose from. They’re just having fun. They're just kicking it. Leisure off your ass.




[27:52] So men, stop being stupid. Stop being stupid. Stop allowing these sites, these apps, swipes and shit, to use you for all your money. Stop allowing them to do that, then, ultimately allowing the women to take advantage of you because that's what they're doing. Women are taking advantage of guys. Yes. Women are taking advantage of men. "Okay. You want to meet on a first date? Okay. Let's go out for some steaks. Let's go out for some drinks.” “Yeah, you want to go dutch?” "Oh, okay. Nice knowing you." No, they're not going to go Dutch. They're going to go you. You're going to pay for it. Yeah. Stop allowing these women to use you, especially when they have no real intentions on dating you anyway. Yeah, it's going out, spend some time, kick it for a little while and then go home. They had nothing to do. They don't want to be bored. “So I'll go out with Chuck tonight now. Oh no, I'll go out with Steve because I think Steve will take me to a nicer place.” And at the end of the night, "Thank you, Steve. Bye" And I'm not saying she should fuck Steve, but no number, no "Okay, let's get together some other time. Let's continue to talk, blah blah blah." Nothing. "Goodbye. Take it easy. Okay, let's just keep in touch." In other words, your appointment is over. Dumbass. Your appointment is done. “Thank you for your time. Get the fuck out my face.” That's what they're saying. Men, stop allowing yourselves to be used. You allowing yourself to be stupid.




[30:04] Not to mention that most cities, if you live in a metropolitan, most cities, women outnumber men anyway, so really, men have the power. But these dating and apps and these dating sites have shifted things to make it look like the women have the power when they don't. There's far more women than it is men. A man join these sites, they allow themselves to be used by these apps and dating services, and then ultimately allowing themselves to be used by women. Men do the old fashioned way. Go out. Get out. Talk to women. If they don't like you, move on. At least you haven't spend any damn money. Do it the old fashioned way.




[30:56] You know, my dad used to say, "Damn, boy." He'd say, "When are you going to get married?" I say, "You know, daddy, it's different than when you was dating. All you had to do was…” He was working at a time. It was different back then. Women, they went for men— If they were working, that's some good man. He's a provider. That's all they cared about. Now women are full of shit. They care about all these other materials, things that don't mean shit. It's a lot harder to meet a woman that's very genuine. I told my daddy, "All you had to do was— Mom, she just cared about if you are working. That's all. You took mom out for a damn ice cream cone and movie and she was in love." And I'm not saying just my mom and dad, but that generation, that era, you took them to a movie and a dinner, they’re ready to get married, dammit. It's different now. These women want so much and they want you to be so much and a lot of women ain’t bringing shit to the table, but they want you to bring so much. The bar is very high, so it's different now.




[32:14] So a lot of these women are not genuine on these sites. They just want to have fun. That's all it is all about. Go out. When you talk to these women, at least you know what they're about firsthand. Oh, thank you. You know they're not interested. Okay, move on. Guess what, you haven't spent one dime. Conversation is free. Conversation is free. Do it the old fashioned way. Go out and meet women, fellows. Go out and meet women in the store, church, laundromat, park, club, bar, whatever your thing is. Go out and meet them physically. They're not digging you, then move on. It's free.




[33:08] But guess what? You haven't paid for no damn subscription. You haven't paid $10 to be able to swipe or $20, whatever the fuck it is. I don't know. You haven't paid no money to send a damn token. You're not paying anything. Last but not least, you haven't taken a greedy ass woman out to a fancy steakhouse and getting a handshake at the end of the night. You know right off if she's digging you or not.




[33:38] And I say again, a woman dated you? She don't care where you take her. If she's not digging you, doesn't matter where you take it. She's still ain't going to dig you. It doesn't matter whether you take them to a special restaurant. It's still not going to work. You still don't get an appointment and that's it. Move on. Have a nice life. So fellows, I say again, yes, these dating sites, these dating apps, are bullshit. Stop allowing yourself to be used by them and stop allowing yourself to be used by women. Be a man. Go out and talk to women. Do it the old fashioned way. It'd save you a lot of money.




[34:26] Anyway, that concludes another episode of THE X & Y SHOW. I hope you enjoyed tonight's episode. I will see you again in two weeks. Remember, THE X & Y SHOW is a bi-weekly program right now because I'm doing some things and I just can't do weekly at the moment, but I will be back on a weekly schedule so stay tuned. Be sure to check out past episodes of THE X & Y SHOW on Stitcher. I'm on iTunes, I'm on TuneIn, I'm on Google Play, I'm on Blueberry, I'm on Spreaker—that's my main platform—and now, I am on iHeartRadio so be sure to check it out whichever— Oh, iTunes, I think I already mentioned that. But be sure to check out whatever site you use to check out old episodes, subscribe for me and be sure to follow me and comment and so forth. Let me know that you're listening and you're enjoying it, or you're listening and you hate it, whatever. Give me constructive criticism. Everything is welcome. So be sure to do that. Also I'm on Twitter, I'm on Tumblr, I'm on Instagram, and I'm on Facebook as well. You can find all of my platforms and my social media on my website, which is www.thexyshow.com. Everything is there.




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