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Ep.109 - Should you plan children?

The act of reproducing feels good at the moment. However, how many people actually plan before they start having kids? Should couples plan for children?

Ep.108 - Never take your crown off to make others feel comfortable

Never stop feeling great about yourself less around someone who doesn't feel great about themselves. Instead, find out why that person isn't feeling good about themselves, you might just save their lives.

Ep.107 - Do you avoid potential relationships because of events from the past?

We've all either experienced bad events first hand or witnessed negative events happening to others. Negative events will happen, but the key is how does one heal after those events. Without true healing, there will never be true happiness in future...

Ep.106 - Why are women always saying they don't need marriage to be happy?

In today's new society, women are always stressing the point, that marriage is not needed in order to obtain happiness. Deep down, do women really feel that way, or just caving to the social norm?

Ep.105 - Just because they're in your circle, doesn't mean they're in your corner.

How many people in your life that you call friend, are really a true friend?

Ep.104 - Special Christmas Episode! How important are the gifts you receive?

Christmas of 2019! This episode is a friendly reminder of how to receive and give gifts on this special day. Always remember that gifts should be given and received from the heart.

Ep.103 - Which is more important, material stuff, or happiness?

When looking for a potential husband or wife, so many folks are looking for the wrong traits in a person. Instead of looking for love, everyone is worrying more about the material stuff.

Ep.102 - Just because someone desires you, doesn't mean they give a damn about you!

People want many things, from financial comfort, physical lust, and status. Just because someone desires you, doesn't mean they actually care about you, it just means they desire you because you could aide in getting those "things" for them.

Ep.101 - Is family support really important after major life milestones?

Family members, and especially parents, should always make their support visible. A person hearing those simple words, "I'm proud of you", will go a long way.

Ep.100 - Are familes weak, because the roles in a marriage are not right?

So many of today's families are messed up because men are not in their proper role as leaders. In addition, there are far too many families being led by women.

Ep.99 - Is the way to a man's heart really through his stomach?

In today's world, many women fail to know the importance of preparing a simple meal for their man. Some women are ignorant, some just plain lazy as hell, some just don't give a damn! Whatever the reason, women should know that preparing a simple meal...

Ep.98 - What should you know about someone before having sex with them?

Before you have sex with someone, what do you really want to know about them? What "should" you know? Cleanliness? Are they crazy? Health issues? What would matter to you?

Ep.97 - A divorce from your wife or husband, does not mean to divorce your kids!

After a divorce or breakup, many men & women also break-up from their kids. What real rational explanation can one have for neglecting their own flesh and blood???

Ep.96 - When you're looking for a spouse, is the family they're from important?

When you're looking for a mate, pay attention to the signs. If a man doesn't respect or love his mother, how in the hell could he ever love or respect a wife? If a woman doesn't respect or love her father, why should she treat her husband any different?

Ep.95 - Should un-married couples move in together?

Many couples want to play house, by living together as an unmarried couple. However, at the end, who really benefits from the arrangement?

Ep.94 - A chat with Ex-NFL Wife Angela Marshall

A talk with Ex-NFL wife Angela Marshall. How she overcame a low point after divorce, to become a writer, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker.

Ep.93 - Would you tell your spouse they SUCK in bed?

If you don't tell your spouse what you need, how will they ever know exactly what to do, when to do, and how to do it?

Ep.92 - Could you accept a lovechild produced from infidelity?

If the person you love cheated on you and produced a child, could you actually forgive them and live happily ever after?

Ep.91 - Are women and men treated differently when it comes to sexual misconduct?

Are there really two legal systems when it comes to sexual misconduct? One for men, and one for women?

Ep.90 - The real reasons why both men & women rob the cradle

Everyone is always wondering why you see pops with a young chick or granny with a young whippersnapper. When it's obvious those folks are just looking for a more active SEX life!

Ep.89 - Would your marriage survive a major catastrophe?

A marriage that is done for the right reason, should survive a negative event. Unfortunately, you won't really know until the event happens.

Ep.88 - Is it OK to date your friend's X?

Of all the women or men in the world, why date your friend's X? A person that knowingly does this is truly disgusting! This very act happens daily in society, which lets you know how low-down this world has become.

Ep.87 - Why do many women make it hard for fathers wanting to spend time with their kids after break-up?

Ladies, you're angry as hell, and it's ok to be. However, ladies just because things didn't work out between you and the father, don't ruin the relationship that your children need from their father.

Ep.86 - Is honesty a good thing, or does it just cause more problems?

For a weak moment of the flesh, or one or two mistakes, is honesty really worth losing everything?