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Ep.157 – You're engaged, now what?

Many women think, that just because a man proposes to them and get engaged, that their mission is accomplished. In all actuality, an engagement really doesn’t mean sh*t!

Ep.156 – Check on your friends who are sexless; They’re not ok!

A person who is used to having sex, and is going through a long dry spell, is not mentally or physically healthy. Check on them to make sure they’re alright, because chances are, they’re not.

Ep.155 - If you're separated, are you single?

Is separation a time to mend your marriage, or is it a time to fu*k everything that moves?

Ep.154 - MOM

Mom, she deserves more than just one day. The most special person in the world. She has made a lot of sacrifices for you. She deserves your love, dedication, forgiveness, and your time. All are not perfect, but there will never be someone who has...

Ep.153 - Is compromise important in a relationship or marriage?

So many relationships and marriages are so rocky, because there is no compromise between the two people involved. When will folks learn that you can’t take without a little give?

Ep.152 - Don't allow physical appearance, to rob you of your happiness.

Society is so anal when it comes to the "physical". Both men and women spend their entire lives looking for the perfect one. Ironically, the many so-called flawed rejects they threw away, could’ve been the very one they needed.

Ep.151 - Are you a good supporter in your marriage/relationship?

If you think on the great things we have in society, one must wonder if those things were possible without support? Having someone in your corner giving support, could mean a world of difference.

Ep.150 - How stable is your mental health?

Mental health stability is something that everyone should take serious. If you need help, get it! Screw what society thinks.

Ep.149 - Can you truly forgive & forget?

In a relationship or marriage, the other person will mess up from time to time. Some mess ups will be big, some will be small. Can you truly forgive and forget?

Ep.148 - Is time subjective when it comes to relationships?

Women make the big mistake of evaluating relationships too early. Instead of asking a man of their true intentions, all women really need to do is observe. Actions and behaviors speak much louder than words.

Ep.147 - You love your husband, just not enough to F*CK him!

Women are the ones, who are supposed to relate to their feelings, and their emotions on a higher level. When they love, it’s supposed to mean something. If that is really the case, why do so many wives resist showing their love by avoiding fu*king...

Ep.146 - Happy New Year! 2020 GTFOH!

It's been a bad year for many. What have you learned? How will you remember this year of turmoil? How will you grow after this year? How will you live your life going forward?

Ep.145 - Christmas, A Happy Time

So much unhappiness in the world. So many bad things going on during the Christmas season. Think about the time when you were a kid. When the world was a little better, there was no COVID-19, and hopefully you were much happier.

Ep.144 - Is Pussy a bartering tool in a marriage?

From the beginning of time, women have used that powerful tool between their legs, to sometimes reward, but mostly punish men for doing something they approve or disapprove of. This is something that should not exist within a healthy marriage. When...

Ep.143 - When was the last time you asked, if they're happy?

You're not hurting for money, you have a big house, a nice job, home cooked meals, and all the sex a person could ask for. But are you happy?

Ep.142 - Why are more couples shacking, instead of marrying?

It seems that more and more couples are choosing to play house, rather than provide a stable household. Marriage is becoming a thing of the past. Society as a hold is suffering because the traditional values of family is being forever lost.

Ep.141 - What do the lonely women do, at Christmas?

For a few months out of the year, many women are willing to make terrible life altering decisions, in being with some of the most asinine men, to avoid being alone during the holidays.

Ep.140 - Why do soul mates have such lethal tongues?

Why do so many so called "soul mates" dig deep to intentionally hurt their loved ones. In some instances, the words that are said, are far worse than any blows that could ever be thrown.

Ep.139 - Is the Covid vaccine a miracle or a curse?

The true nature and creation of a vaccine is wonderful. However, living in a capitalistic society, makes it extremely difficult to not wonder if the greater good of man is being sacrificed for the almighty dollar.

Ep.138 - Can politics end relationships, marriages, and friendships?

Could you be in a relationship or marriage with someone who has different political views? Have you ended long-term friendships for the other person or persons having different political opinions than yourself?

Ep.137 - Bonus Episode! - 2020 Election - VOTE!

The time is here!  The 2020 election is finally here, and it's time for our voices to be heard!

Ep.136 - Do women overlook good men, because of their height?

In today's society, women are always fantasizing about having a man who is "tall", dark and handsome. What about the good men who are "short", dark and handsome?

Ep.135 - Should you be friends with your X?

It's one thing to be cordial, but who said you should be friends? What is one good reason to keep your X around as a friend?

Ep.134 - Who is staying home with the kids?

Making kids is a lot of fun!  However, when they get here, have you really planned for them? Who will stay at home with them, and who will go to work? Will you burden your parents, or will you just bend over and pay for daycare?