The sexy taboo stuff, that’s on everybody’s nasty mind. Juicy topics that includes the strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, and the NUTS! Can ya dig it! No topic is off limits or left unturned! Come listen to an array of topics originating from the numinous mind of your host, while being butt-naked and unperturbed. Nothing escapes X & Y Baby!

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Oct. 17, 2020

Ep.135 - Should you be friends with your X?

It's one thing to be cordial, but who said you should be friends? What is one good reason to keep your X around as a friend?

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Oct. 11, 2020

Ep.134 - Who is staying home with the kids?

Making kids is a lot of fun!  However, when they get here, have you really planned for them? Who will stay at home with them, and…

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Oct. 3, 2020

Ep.133 - Do you voice & show your affection enough?

How affectionate are you with the person you're dating or the person you're married to? Even if the other person knows how you fe…

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Sept. 28, 2020

Ep.132 - Can I wrap to ya for a quick second?

This episode is a little different from my normal type of episode. I just wanted to wrap with you for a few minutes and get somet…

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Sept. 21, 2020

Ep.131 - Why do you date?

What is the real reason why a people date? Sex, a free dinner, companionship, reproduction, pressure from family? How do you find…

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Sept. 12, 2020

Ep.130 - What should you do, if your X continues to show up unannounc…

What should you do if your X continues to show up unannounced, even after they know it's not appropriate? This is a problem that …

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Honest and Straight to the point

"Host is honest and authentic. Talks about the hard stuff that most people won't and give a genuine opinion.."

By In Bed with Nikky on June 15, 2020 via Apple Podcasts

Can't get enough!

"This show is great! Love the topics and opinions. Honest and straight shooting."

By RobandSlim on May 20, 2017 via Apple Podcasts

Really interesting!

"The host gets into topics that most people would not be comfortable in discussing. He is always honest and just puts it out there. I appreciate that."

By Henny Blanco on March 20, 2017 via Apple Podcasts

Very Entertaining!

"Thank you! This podcast is a great way to start of the day. I keep thinking about topics long after the podcast has ended. Love it and keep it up!"

By Mumblestheclown on March 8, 2017 via Apple Podcasts


"Awesome podcast! They're always amazing, giving great content, and make you smile. :D"

By 128384858483&:)&:&;!('me on Feb. 14, 2017 via Apple Podcasts