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Ep.16 - What is the acceptable age gap between two people?

Why are women scrutinized for dating or marrying younger men, but men are praised for doing the same thing?

Ep.15 - If your spouse became sick or disabled, would you really stay?

With this ring I thee wed, and all my worldly goods I thee endow. In sickness and in health, in poverty or in wealth, 'til death do us part." These are kind words, but how many would actually honor these words, if your spouse suddenly became sick or...

Ep.14 - Does it really matter for women when it comes to a man’s dick size?

The age old question in regards to a man’s sex-tool. For sexual purposes and needs, does the size of a man's penis really matter that much to women, or is it just a bunch of hype?

Ep.13 - What act is unforgivable in a relationship or marriage?

Physical abuse, adultery… What would be the last straw or the unforgivable act that you cannot and absolutely will not forgive in a relationship or marriage?

Ep.12 - Is hygiene is very important in a relationship or marriage?

Many people have lost their way when it comes to being a clean person. You would be surprised as to how many people lack the common sense to wash their ass on a daily basis.

Ep.11 - Why do women give away all their milk for free?

So many women allow men to exploit and use them up, and be “milked” to the point of just giving their milk away. Resulting in men being able to drink milk for free, without ever having to actually buy the cow!

Ep.10 - Why do men lie?

The age old question of many women. Men do lie… But do they do it for a greater good, or because they know that women will allow it?

Ep.9 - Why do women have such great fascination with weave & extensions?

For years, society has brainwashed many women into believing that their hair has to be long and running down to their ass to be considered beautiful. When will women wake-up and realize that long hair doesn’t make you beautiful?

Ep.8 - Are men still wearing the pants in today’s marriages?

Many societal problems of today stems from poor family structure. Is it possibly due to more and more men taking a submissive role in marriages, and basically submitting to their wives like little punks?

Ep.7 - Why do women allow their friends to influence their relationships and marriages?

Women always choose to air their dirty laundry to their close friends. Some even allow their friends to have full disclosure in their marriages! Is this wise, or does it exacerbate problems?

Ep.6 - If you date or marry someone of a different race,would your family truly accept them?

Guess whose coming to dinner! If you bring somebody home that looks different than everybody else, would your family truly ever accept that person?

Ep.5 - Is a women's 90-Day sex rule reasonable, or a bunch of bullsh*t?

It seems the new trend for some women is living by a 90-day rule when it comes to start to having sex. Is this rule fair? Is it realistic? Or is it just plain bullsh*t?

Ep.4 - Valentines Day, is it a day of love, or a day for damn fools?

This is a day that is set aside on the 14th day of every February, so that people can prove their love. But is this day truly for love, or just a bunch of bulls*it?

Ep.3 - Condoms are really not that safe, so why are they promoted like they are?

Many organizations, health officials, and even schools stress the use of condoms when engaging in sexual intercourse. However, isn’t the message twisted? Shouldn’t the message encourage absolute celibacy instead?

Ep.2 - Why do most women feel they should never pay for a date?

Many women feel it is their female right, to enjoy unlimited dating without ever reaching for their wallets. Shouldn’t women wine and dine men some of the time? Tune in, to the X & Y Show!

Ep.1 - The real reasons why some men avoid women with kids.

Single moms!! Have you ever wondered why some men just refuse to date you? Most men feel It’s hard enough raising kids from their own loins, let alone someone else's. Listen and learn why most men feel this way….Tune in, to the X & Y Show!