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Ep.38 - One person wants kids, the other doesn't, what do you do?

You find out your spouse doesn't want kids, or has changed their mind in regards to kids after you're married....What would you do?

Ep.37 - Is a person racist for refusing to date outside their race?

If a person tells you they don't date outside their race, does it mean they are a racist, or bigot? Is it fair to label someone in such a way, when you really don't know them?

Ep.36 - Why do women always pick the scum snake men for mates, then complain when they get bitten?

Have you ever wondered why women pick men who are pieces of shit? Then complain when the dog in those men come out? Take a listen to this episode, as I talk about this age old question.

Ep.35 - Should newlyweds buy a house together, or just move into whoever owns one?

A simple act as buying a house together, or adding your husband/wife name to a lease could save a lot of present and future heartache. It could even help save your marriage.

Ep.34 - Is it ok for the woman to propose?

Men in our society have become so pathetic and weak when it comes to roles within a relationship. So weak that it's becoming more and more accepted for women to ask the man for his hand in marriage.

Ep.33 - If you're married, should all sexual fantasies be explored?

Just because you're married, does it mean you should expect your wife or husband to do anything and everything you desire sexually?

Ep.32 - Why do women risk their lives for fake beauty?

This society we live in, which is built on pure vanity, women have a myriad of ways to change their bodies; But is it really needed? More important,is it worth it?

Merry Christmas 2016'

Merry Christmas everyone!! I shall return on January 6th, the first Friday of the new year! I hope everyone have a wonderful Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Ep.31 - Could having numerous tattoos, give off the wrong impression?

Life is hard enough as it is. So why complicate shit? Having numerous tattoos,could give off the wrong impression when looking for work, or even when you visit the school of your children.

Ep.30 - There is so much more to a woman, than just being a sperm receptacle.

Men should appreciate what women are to them. Women provide for their families, their men, and also society as a whole. Where would we as a society be without good women at our sides?

Ep.29 - Is good sex enough, to stay in a bad relationship or marriage?

It depends how bad the relationship really is. If there is no mental, physical, or verbal abuse, than no relationship is bad enough to end, if the sex is good!

Ep.28 - If your friend is cheating, would you tell on them?

When does it become your business when your friend cheats? What is worth compromising your friendship or your loyalty?

Ep.27 - Is religion important when looking for a potential mate?

I would say it's VERY important! If you're not on the same page, when it comes to "belief" how can you be a close family?

Ep.25 - Is it OK to accept financial help from an X?

Is it an actual betrayal for a person to go to their X for financial aide in their new relationship or marriage?

Ep.24 - Can Hillary Clinton Win?

Is America ready to vote for a female President?

Ep.23 - Housewife or Career Woman?

Are traditional women still wanted by men?

Ep.22 - Long Distance Relationships

Is it really possible to have a monogamous long distance relationship?

Ep.21 - Does it matter to you if you doctor is a male or female?

When it comes to your primary physician, do you really feel comfortable if they are of the opposite sex?

Hurricane Scare for Miami!

No show this week due to Hurricane Matthew. However, next week, show will air on Friday and Saturday at 11:30pm!

Ep.20 - Your wife or girlfriend is bringing home more bacon!

If your wife or girlfriend made more money than you, would it be ok?

Ep.19 - Platonic relationship with the opposite sex?

Is it possible to have a platonic relationship with a coworker of the opposite sex?

Ep.18 - Physical Appearance

When it comes to physical appearance, who is more critical, men or women?

Ep.17 - The divorce is final! What now?

Many times when a couple split up, it’s just the beginning of an all-out war. War that could have dire casualties for life.