Men in our society have become so pathetic and weak when it comes to roles within a relationship. So weak that it's becoming more and more accepted for women to ask the man for his hand in marriage.

You find out your spouse doesn't want kids, or has changed their mind in regards to kids after you're married....What would you do?

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A simple act as buying a house together, or adding your husband/wife name to a lease could save a lot of present and future heartache. It could even help save your marriage.

An honest buyer of a car test driving a myriad of makes, and models! A true example of social & sexual carelessness in today's society. In the end, you can only drive one car at a time. If you attempt to drive multiple cars, you'll have an accident. An accident that could cost you your life!

What bad traits you cannot ignore, when it comes to choosing a potential long-term mate?

What is acceptable when your GF/BF or spouse have a best friend who is of the opposite sex? Should anything be acceptable at all?

Many couples go into a marriage with the silly ass belief that a perfect marriage is obtainable. Instead of striving for a perfect marriage, everyone should be OK with it just being good.

To avoid having sex before marriage is much easier if you have never had sex. It is much more difficult if you've been sexually active in the past. If you want to avoid fornicating, stay pure, it helps a lot! Because once you cross into the sex world, the tide thickens! You'll never be the same...

This society we live in, which is built on pure vanity, women have a myriad of ways to change their bodies; But is it really needed? More important,is it worth it?

Many women in today's society base the worth of a man with how well he works with his hands. Women should realize, a man being able to work with his hands, doesn't make him a good man or a better man, than one who can't. The good man sees that the work gets done! Who gives a damn who does it.

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Once a couple says the words, "I do", the couple becomes one, and is suppose to share everything. Does this includes all outstanding debt??

This society we live in, which is built on pure vanity, women have a myriad of ways to change their bodies; But is it really needed? More important,is it worth it?

If a person tells you they don't date outside their race, does it mean they are a racist, or bigot? Is it fair to label someone in such a way, when you really don't know them?

Women are always talking about what kind of man they desire, and what kind of man they need, and not settling for less! But when it's all said and done, they end up settling on loneliness.

There are many reasons why you weren't invited to your friend or family member's wedding. Money, just wanted a small ceremony, or they just don't like you. Get over it! It's really not that serious.

Why do so many women allow external factors to influence them so greatly, in the way they groom their pussies?

Chivalry is not dead, but it will be if things keep going the way they are. These days, chivalry is weak due to both men who are not taught the art and women with terrible attitudes.

This question has been asked many times over time. However, the answer is obvious, and has not changed since the beginning of time....And it never will!

So you think by using a condoms, or being tested from time to time is being sexually responsible? Guess again!

If you're in a relationship, or especially a marriage, you should strive for effective good communication on a daily basis!

Have you ever wondered why women pick men who are pieces of shit? Then complain when the dog in those men come out? Take a listen to this episode, as I talk about this age old question.

What is the real reason why men expect all women to know how to cook? It's really unfair for men to think this when in reality, most women either can't or refuse to cook at all.

If the marriage is bad, ask yourself the reason it is bad. Ask yourself if you really married for the right reason. Stop the cycle of kids growing up in a single parent household. Stay with your family...Stay with your kids.... Stay together!

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